CashPro - Cash Processing System

CashPro - Softcount Cash Processing System

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CashPro - Softcount Cash Processing

CashPro cash processing software is a low cost, highly efficient softcount room management system. Interfacing to nearly every slot accounting system and high speed currency counter on the market today, never has there been more flexibility in the softcount room than with CashPro. Specifically designed for casino softcount operations, originally developed in 1998, CashPro is battle-tested and ready to enhance your cash processing operations today.


• Simple, push-button operation
• Comprehensive report package
• Extremely flexible interface
• Connect up to two different currency counters
• Counts mixed tickets & cash in one pass
• Exports cash & ticket data to host system for reconciliation

• No need to change software packages when upgrading slot accounting systems or currency
counting equipment
• Reduced errors coupled with top notch reporting saves time and money auditing
• Compliant with NIGC double-process verification regulations

CashPro interfaces with most currency counters, such as the G&D BPS200 and the Glory UW500/600 Series, as well as desktop currency counters. Perform critical soft count operations quickly, conveniently and reliably in your casino with CashPro.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

CashPro - Cash Processing with BPS 200

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